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our clients

Sharath Ravula

Gregg Hamilton

We know what your business needs to increase sales and give you more time to grow corals. Let us take your company to the next level with a proven method.

Promote and sell with ease

Website Creation - why us

Simplify Selling & Reduce Expenses

Save your money and time

Focus your business on making sales.  Don’t waste it working on technical I.T. details.   That’s not what you’re in business for!  For a fair price, we’ll handle those issues to your satisfaction.


Jason Fox Signature Coralsis a well-known seller of stunning quality corals.  Jason was spending hundreds of dollars on bandwidth and e-commerce charges and still had to spend excessive hours loading products and running live sale threads.


We seamlessly moved his entire catalog onto a new e-commerce provider, instantly eliminating hundreds of dollars in monthly charges.  We then showed the Foxes how to maintain and update their product catalog.  However whenever they wanted, we provide direct support for any help, updates, and needed promotional support e.g. product uploads, newsletters, graphics, and announcements.  We’ve freed Jason from a lot of repetitive drudgery so he has more time to focus on growing his business, family, and fun.


Jason Fox

Signature Corals

"I trusted these guys with my business and I'm really glad I did! They not only run my website, my live sales, provided graphics and constant support but they also help grow my sales"

Modernize your website

Mobile Accessibility

Rod BuehlerRod's Food"The guys at Coral Websites are a pleasure to work with and they knew what we wanted/needed more than we did."People surf on their phones more than ever to work, play, and shop.  Is your website neglecting this vast user base, nearly half of website traffic? Let’s give them a site to visit, linger, and buy from.


Don’t lose nearly half your market, because your site is outdated.  We’ll make sure your site is readable, usable, and quick.


Whether we create or update your site, we will make sure it is ready for cell phone users and of course tablets, desktops, and laptops.


Many of our clients previously had sites that slowly became outdated, buggy, and poor especially on mobile devices.  We can fix that for you too.


One well-known client,Rods Foods, is a wholesaler producer of aquarium foods, providing a quality product derived from decades of experience in marine fish breeding.  However, Rod’s website needed an updated, mobile-friendly site for his current clients, potential clients, and retail end-users.


Rod has a full travel and manufacturing schedule, so we updated his site with minimal demands on his time.   Also, because he has a long-standing and well-branded company, Rod wanted a gradual updating process, so we updated his sties in steps Rod was comfortable with. We maintained Rods unique look and branding, updated his site, and created a new mobile-friendly version.  read more


Conduct business like a pro

Broaden Your Brand • Increase Your Reach

Scalable • Marketing Opportunities

Ecommerce offers business a whole range of opportunities, from marketing opportunities to increasing your products ranges to generating more sales and with an optimized and well developed website you can not only achieve these goals but also offer your customers  a round the clock, convenient service, that can boost your business.


made easy

Collect Emails • Engage  Customers Track Sales • Target Audiences

Are you building a customer base, making fans?  Reach out to them and keep your products on their minds.  Give them more opportunities to buy from you by reminding them what you offer.  Let us show you how to collect emails, engage them with relevant content, and track the resulting sales.

Work it.  Sell it


Live Sales - Facebook - Auctions

Know how to hold a live sale and keep it fun for you and your customers?  Let us help you minimize the boring stuff or run it for you. Focus on keeping the sales excitement and sales up.


We’ve simplified the work behind running a live sale and use this technology for Jason Fox, A Reef Creation, Calikid,  Zoanthids and many more live sales clients. Now, from their catalog info, a simple cut and paste is all that’s needed to run it.  For several years we have handled the logistics of their live sales, providing more time to manage the flow and feel of their sale.  They can focus on making customers happy and selling their corals while we handle the technical side.


But after the sale, is your fulfillment process disorderly and clumsy?  Let us organize that better for you.   Focus your time and energy making sales and let us handle the technical details.  Contact us for details and a quote.

Promote your company

with style

Logo Creation


Design matters.  The world’s first trillion dollar company, Apple, prioritizes design and style in their products and promotion.  You should too.  Let us craft a selection of logos to represent your online and print style. Our designer is a full-time professional designer with decades in the reefing industry.   Take advantage of this rare combination of talent and experience, and get yourself a magnificent, unique look that you can use for the to represent your hard-work and your company well.


With a minimal amount of your time, we will give you several choices that work well for your online and print promoting.


If you have a well-established logo, we can use it as is, re-format it for any other media, or modernize it as you wish.



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