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Should I buy a large window unit or a chiller in-case for my generator to cool my tank when the power runs out?

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Jan 25, 2021
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I bought a Firman Generator from Costco (Firman 7500W Running / 9400W Peak Tri Fuel )

This item: https://www.costco.com/.product.1300533.html

I plan to get a connection put on my gas meter so I can attach the generator directly to my home's natural gas line.

Also, plan to keep some propane tanks on the ready & plan to see how long one lasts?

For me likely critical issue is cooling, thought the ice storm did the most damage compared to Rita (2005) or Harvey (2017).

I'll need to get a window unit that can cool enough of my home to cool the tank or buy a chiller. Eventually, I hope to have a whole house Generarc system but they're quoting delivery and installation after the end of this hurricane season.

I'd rather buy a large window unit first, but wondering if I should I buy a chiller first?

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